Stock II


 Stock II Limited
Tanfoglio Stock II Limited

• Full hard chrome finish
• Custom frame with checkered front and back strap
• Double Serrated slide
• Double action trigger and Extended beaver tail
• Cone lockup barrel for greater accuracy
• Extended mag release
• Custom walnut checkered grips
• Supplied with 2 units of 10 round magazines
• Total length 225, Barrel 121mm, Weight 1180 grams
• Available in 9mm, 38super, 40sw, 10mm and 45ACP

The Stock II “Limited” is a double action semi automatic pistol especially made for target shooting in competitions, sport shooting and self defence. The barrel has polygonal rifling and a cone lockup fit into the slide for greater accuracy. The frame has checkered front and back straps for a positive grip. The extended safety, custom mag catch, skeletonized hammer are all plus points for this unique firearm from Tanfoglio. It currently qualifies for IPSC Production class and especially made for Australia.


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Faster Sights Aquisition
Front sight with red optic insert TM007
Essential for Scoped Tanfoglios
Slide Racker PR026
For Cmore Sights. Lower Positioning
Tanfoglio C-More Side Mount with Blast Shield

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