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Tanfoglio Stock 3 Sport Pistol

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Specifications: Tanfoglio Stock 3 Sport Pistol

• Blued frame and slide with checkered front & back strap
• Double serrated slide for better traction
• Match grade barrel 121mm long for supreme accuracy
• Extended beaver tail and double action trigger 
• Custom magazine release (reversible) 
• Walnut checkered grips
• Extended ambidextrous safety

Weaver mount on frame
Negrini custom gun case with combination lock
• Available in caliber 9mm

Read the review of the Tanfoglio Stock 3 done independantly by the Australian Shooters Journal. You can download the review from this location. The file is only 958KB in size. After downloading the file, double click on it to unzip it and it can then be viewed using adobe acrobat reader.  CLICK HERE FOR THE DOWNLOAD

Comments about the Stock 3 from an Australian Champion and Grand Master.
The first thing I noticed when firing the new Tanfoglio Stock 3, over the CZ SPO1 Shadow, was minimal felt recoil and muzzle flip. No doubt that the extra 200+ grams of weight helped. The deeper beavertail shape and configuration gives the perfect grip every time and allows for the perfect sight picture.

Using the Tanfoglio I have shot some of my best groups ever. In over 12,000 rounds fired I have not experienced a single malfunction.  Personally I cannot think of a more exceptional pistol for IPSC production class.

GM and three times National
IPSC Production Champion.


Feed back from a Stock 3 competitor in Australia
Since swapping handguns from a CZ SP01 Shadow to a Tanfoglio stock 3 I have noticed a number of things that have assisted me in my IPSC shooting for example the larger mag well has assisted in faster reloads while the position and size of the magazine release catch means I no longer have to move my hand when ejecting a magazine with the magazine falling out quickly with no hand movement required. The Tanfoglio stock 3 is a far superior handgun with its  accuracy and durability also well ahead of any other handguns I have used in IPSC production division. AP

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Double Alpha Racemaster Mag Pouch DAA



Double Alpha Competition Belt BLACK ONLY DAA




Front sight with red optic insert TM007


Double Alpha Race Master Holster MAGNETIC- Colour Black DAA


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Speed Box Double magazine pouch fully adjustable


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Speed Machine Holster


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Speed machine Speed Box Double mag/ Double row bullets 9mm


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