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This website is PCI scanned using Comodo Hackerguardian. Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance ensures that organizations that deal with credit card and payment card data are taking proper measures to protect customer financial data.

Digicert Secure SSL
Digicert certification and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) ensure your data is transferred over an encrypted layer. The verification and validation of NVT Pty. Ltd. has been done in accordance with the validation guidelines laid out by the CA/Browser Forum. Click the DIGICERT seal to verify.

How we secure your payment information when you purchase online

  • When you buy a product from this web site over the Internet, your web browser connects with the web site through an SSL ("Secure Sockets Layer"). SSL is an industry-standard protocol for encryption over the Internet.
  • When information is encrypted, it is scrambled between your computer and our server. The information is only unscrambled when it safely reaches us. It's fast and safe, and it ensures that your personal inform- tion cannot be read by anyone else.
  • However, as with any standard email, emails containing your personal data sent to or from NVT Pty Ltd will travel in a non-encrypted format.

Once you have made a purchase

As you make a purchase we need to capture your personal details to go into the ordering process. At this point the information is encrypted. You can tell this is happening as browsers will display a key or padlock in one of the windows corners, or near the address bar.

Your personal information

NVT Pty Ltd considers your privacy to be of the utmost importance. If you are concerned with how we might collect and use information about you, you can find a complete explanation in our Privacy Policy.

Important notice about Internet fraud - "Phishing"

There is an Internet fraud practice known as "Phishing" which is the illegal gathering of personal information by deception. Unsolicited emails are sent to customers from lists illegally gathered by a third party, and ask them to enter or reconfirm bank or password details into a 'cloned' or illegal copy web site. For your protection please be aware of the following facts:


  • NVT Pty Ltd will never ask you to enter personal bank account or credit card details into an email or through a link sent via an email.
  • You will only be asked for your card payment details if you wish to make a change or refund. We require this information specifically to debit or credit your card in relation to your order.
  • Legitimate emails from NVT Pty Ltd will contain your order reference and the email will not have been sent from a web-based mail server such as, gmail, hotmail or yahoo.
  • NVT Pty Ltd will never request money payments through a third party, such as Western Union.
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