Stock 3 Xtreme


Tanfoglio Xtreme

Tanfoglio Stock 3 Xtreme RRP $2295

Tanfoglio presents the new XTREME product line, which includes 5 sport models and a series of OEM parts and accessories for the IPSC sport and competition models. These are designed in co-operation with Eric Grauffel: our sponsored IPSC 5 time World and 5 time European champion and Tanfoglio in Italy.

These models will be listed here soon. A new downloadable brochure will be available shortly. The final configuration of the Xtreme models has not been finalized but preliminary information (to be confirmed)  advises the Xtreme models will have the following:


  • Xtreme Hammer
  • Xtreme Hammer Spring
  • Xtreme Firing Pin
  • Xtreme Sear
  • Xtreme Ejector Bloack
  • Xtreme Grips
  • Xtreme Guide Rod
  • Xtreme Front sight
  • Xtreme Double Action Trigger
  • Xtreme CSP Magazines (from Sept 1 2016)
  • Xtreme Gun Case

Tanfoglio Stock 3 Xtreme

New Tanfoglio Xtreme Parts
Not all Xtreme parts shown below are fitted to the Stock III Xtreme
Single action triggers is not included on the Stock III Xtreme for Australia.

Xtreme Hammer Flat Trigger
Xtreme Firing Pin
Xtreme Guide Rod Xtreme Mag Pad